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below: being used to glue up the back braces on a resophonic. The go-bar deck is a very old clamping method from Asia. The dowels provide even clamping pressure. below: joined, inlayed and now ready for braces. Notice the small shelves that are built into the bench below, to aid in organizing various tops and backs of different instruments. (If you aren't making instruments you're making tools, or jigs, or shelves, or??!!) below: Side assembly (background) in mold ready to receive braced back (foreground) . This is a unique bracing system for a resophonic guitar.



above: Top being voiced. Here the top has been braced and the braces are being carved to their final dimension. Shaping the braces is one of the most important factors influencing the final voice of the instrument. above: While still in the mold, the top is being glued to the rim assembly, again using the go-bar deck. This is a very versatile clamping method. above: The back has been glued to the sides, while still in the mold and is now ready to receive the top. (Last chance to clean up the inside!!)


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