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above: The sound-hole rosette is being cut in with a drill press and fly cutter. above: The ends where the sides are joined together are being trimmed and fitted before the end blocks can be glued in place. above: Side bending station. A silicon heat blanket capable of reaching 500 degrees is used to heat the wood while bending it into its new shape.
above: Checking the final fit of a resonator cover-plate. (Have you checked your hubcaps lately? Any missing? above: holding the guitar in progress, is the Apprentice made by Bill Schmidt of Widget Works. (Some have endearingly referred to it as a Banjo Launcher!!) above: Beautiful Indian rosewood sides have been bent and are being fitted to the mold.




Room Three


Room One bracing, clamping methods  looking for high quality woods? please take a look at our luthier supply page 


Room Two rosettes, side bending
Room Three slotting ebony fret board with vine inlay




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  Order Line  800-953-3035 

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