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Vintage Jack

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The Vintage Jack

I am a long time fan of the Vintage Jack. Kieth Gipson has come up with a very elegant solution to installing an end pin jack without having to rip a 1/2" hole in your instrument.

The install of a Vintage Jack is completely reversible. 

Put a pickup jack in your acoustic guitar or mandolin without drilling any new holes.
The "Vintage Jack"
At last you can enjoy the benefits of having a pickup installed in your instrument without having to
worry about damage or loss of value. Our "Vintage Jack" replaces your endpin to make your
instrument pickup ready -- NO DRILLING REQUIRED.
We have incorporated the highest quality stereo output jack available into a precision machined
end pin. Now you can properly install pickups in your instrument without having to drill out the
end pin hole or use some other less than ideal system. A "Vintage Jack" is available to fit most
guitars, mandolins, and similar instruments equipped with taper fit end pins. The "Vintage Jack"
is securely retained by the taper fit of the mating parts -- no adhesives required.
Item Name: Vintage Jack
Item Number: tgc0611 Vintage Jack
Price: $75.00



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