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Printable Custom Fret Slotting Order Form Pdf Online Custom Fret Slotting Order Form

We are currently offering a fingerboard slotting and radius service to manufacturers as well as individual luthiers. This procedure is very accurate and time saving! This fret slotting system has been in continuous operation for 30 years. Article on our service by Bob Smakula

Our slotting service provides the most accurate and efficient fret slotting in the industry. We slot every thing from mandolin scales to bass scales and every thing in between. We can do any scale the list below is just a few that we have done.

We offer the most rapid turn around and the lowest prices you will find anywhere! The second table below contains a list of current scales available.

To select your fret-board blanks prior to slotting please, look below or see our Fret-board Page.

What customers are saying about our fingerboard services.

  • We can create any scale!
  • Highest degree of accuracy, We calculate our scales out to 4 decimal places!
  • We can slot up to 36 Frets!
  • Fast turn around times
We are familiar with the production requirements of larger shops and factories we can processes your large orders quickly.
  • Cost effective, free up time in your shop, streamline production. 
  • Low prices, why not spend your time on more creative aspects of your building and leave the slotting to us.
Please fill out all slotting information on the Online Slotting Order Form. Please Note: quantity discounts apply only to boards that are the same width, thickness, and scale length and number of frets.
Online Custom Fret Slotting Order Form after many frustrating months we finally have a new online order for working!

If you have any trouble with it or would like us o add something please let us know

We can create any scale you need!

A short list of the more standard ones are here:

20 to 24 fret slot are typical but more or less are available on custom jobs. You can specify the number you want.

13.875"  Gibson Mandolin

17.108” Uke

24.750" Gibson


25.000" PRS, Archtops, Dobros

25.344” Ibex

25.364” Martin


25.375" SCGC

25.500"  Fender, Srat, Telecaster

25.591"/650 mm Classical


25.750"/655 mm   Classical

27.750" Baritone

30.000" Gibson - Fender Mustang Bass

34.000" Bass Fender P/J



  • Prices are for labor only, they do not include material. Go to the Fretboard Blank Page to purchase fretboard blanks.

  • A $25.00 job charge will apply to any slotting order under 10 boards per scale. Our liability is limited to the cost of our slotting service.

  • At 10 boards the $25.00 job charge is dropped. Quantity discounts start at 5 boards. (mix woods OK, specs must the same)   

  • Radius Service is also available. We sometimes have unusual scales in our back-lot inventory, please see the sale page.  

  • Prices shown are for Scales under 30" with up to 24 frets

  • For scales over 30" add $1.00,  for 25 to 30 frets frets add $1.00 31 to 36 frets add $2.00

Fingerboard Service Prices

Quantity Labor To Slot Fretboards Customer Supplied Boards Labor to Radius Radius Supplied Boards
        *no: Bloodwood; * no Figured Wood.
1 – 4 $10.00 plus Job Charge. $17.00 plus  Job Charge. $8.50 plus $5.00 blade change fee.  
5 - 9 $7.00 plus  Job Charge. $12.00  No Job Charge. $5.50 plus $5.00 blade change fee.  
10+ up $5.00  No Job Charge. $10.00 $4.50 plus no blade change fee.  
Job Charge  (under 10 boards per scale) $25.00 Job Charge.    
  Additional  Services      
Nut Slot 1/8" Fender style $2.00      
Board Prep Charges thickness & straight edge $2.25 ea.      
Added Fret Slots $1 - $2      
Radius Service for details please see the Radius Page As low as $4.00

How To Estimate the cost of your custom job.

+ Price of Fret Board Blank
+ Labor for Slotting Service from table above.
+ Board Prep
+ Nut Slot if needed.
+ Labor for Radius Service from table above.
+ If less than 10 Boards per scale add $25.00 small job fee.


Printable Custom Fret Slotting Order Form Pdf Online Custom Fret Slotting Order Form
What Customers Are Saying About Our Fingerboard Services
Dear Mr. Allen....I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you've done to the Padauk wood that I mailed to you.   The fretboard looks just GREAT and I'm so pleased.   I also appreciate the time and energy to keep the communication open so that I was able to get EXACTLY what I needed. You are truly an Artisan and a Craftsman!   I will be sending all my future guitar fretboard work to you and your excellent workers!   Thanks again....and God Bless!
"The previous boards that have I ordered from you were excellent. I was very happy with the quality - there's no way I will go anywhere else."

"I received the fingerboard this morning. It looks great! Just what I was hoping for. I can't wait to move along on this project."

"I just finished stringing up my mandolin after putting on the new fretboard that I got from you. The intonation is fantastic, and I completely love the new fretboard !!! I'll recommend your fretboards to anyone that I ever talk to about the subject of improving the intonation of an instrument."
"Hi, I received my order for two bass fretboards and two headstock plates today. Just wanted to say thanks for the great'll be hearing from me again soon!"
I just wanted to say, you have made an awesome work! The Pau Ferro Fingerboard you have sent is simply PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL!!! You make me want to buy a thousand more, even I don't need them. Please, continue doing that awesome work, the luthier's world needs you!!  Have an awesome day!

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