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July 2013


Just thought I would share a little story.

I opened the door to my shop this afternoon and notice some atoms and elements were beginning to gather so I stepped outside. And just as I closed the door I heard a big bang!


I was curious at what the noise was and to my great surprise when I opened the door I found all of these Allen cast tailpieces in various designs had not only assembled themselves. But they had all polished themselves as well!!  The only word I can use to describe this event is Miraculous!! I even took this photo so you would believe me.


Well I will stop here as I know you won’t believe this in a million years! Nothing is designed without a designer; nothing is made without a maker. It just doesn’t make sense and as Judge Judy says “if it doesn’t make sense it isn’t true” I have high hopes the next time I hear a big bang I will find a new Lamborghini in there!!

I have high hopes the next time I hear a big bang I will find a new Lamborghini in there!!


Here is a short audio interview with Congressman Tom McClintock expressing his views on the Lacey Act and some forthcoming relief. (we hope!!!)
Have a look at my new Heavily modified electric Double Neck Mandolin / Guitar!
AR-1 Allen Tailpiece Upgrade Promotion  2-16-2007

If you are an owner of a model  AR-1 tailpiece. You are entitled to an AR-2 upgrade. All that is required is that you mail your original AR-1 tailpiece to us along with a check or money order in the amount of $20.00 to cover handling costs to PO Box 1883 Colfax, CA 95713. We will ship your AR-2  out the same day we receive the AR-1. The AR-1 was a great tailpiece and an improvement on the only other cast tailpieces available at the time.  It was a little fussy about stringing and it wanted to be strung from the centers out. If you are one of the clients that has been a little frustrated with this we are offering an upgrade solution for you.

*****Please do not buy AXL tailpieces as they have directly stolen our designs. It is an obvious copy and a slightly modified mirror image.  Please do not support companies that have no regard for copyright, design & intellectual property rights.
CBA Fathers Day Festival
Here are a few photos from the CBA Fathers Day Festival. I was so busy at the booth that I couldn't get out much! Below are a couple of mp3 files recorded live, large files 1.7 megs You will need an MP3 Player to hear these files.

MP3 Panhandle Rag with Kathy Barwick / Fox & Jim Beeler

MP3 Powder Creek with Kathy Barwick / Fox & Jim Beeler

below: Ron Stanley & Jerry Cottrell giving a dobro workshop at our booth. Ron had some good information to share. below: Three vintage Mosrites showed up at the same time and got a little attention. I am told this is a very rare occasion. 

right: Doyle Lawson, one of my all time favorite Bluegrass musicians and just a great man in general stopped by the booth and played a bit.


left: Timmy of the Bluegrass Believers  working out on an Allen resophonic. He is really learning his craft! Lookout Rob, Jerry & Sally! This is my favorite picture of the whole weekend, I think I will send a copy to the CBA for their monthly publication. I'm sure the CBA members would get a kick out of it.
above: Yours truly smiles cheesily for the camera.




above: There were many flattering comments on my resos. We also had our new tailpiece available for the very first time! We installed a couple at the festival and the reports were very positive. It is a solid cast tailpiece which does add mass and rigidity. The strings are held close to the coverplate keeping the string angle from the bridge to the tailpiece steep. As you can see from the photo, the new tailpiece will work as 6, 7, or 8 string configuration. Available in Polished Un-plated Bronze, Gold or Nickel / Rhodium. Introductory priced at $75 / $90 / $95 respectively. The hole line up will mate with the typical stamped tailpiece. Above: Pete Grant Stopped by the booth and played for a while. He said he has been doing some interesting recording sessions lately. Pete and Kathy will be playing at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA  on the 27th of July. "Echoes of Loud & Clear" 

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