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Shipping cost amounts are calculated based on a percentage of the total amount of the purchase. We have based these rates so that the more items you purchase the better shipping rate you qualify for! When purchasing through the shopping cart any order over $75.00 will be charged at around a 12% rate. We do reserve the right to adjust the shipping costs for very heavy items such as ebony. The adjustment will only be adjusted up to our actual cost.

Shipping cost chart for domestic paypal shopping cart orders: These rates are also for items of low weight such as tailpieces or a single fingerboard. Heavier items will cost a little more to ship.

Price Ranges                                  Approximate Shipping Cost 



We have a minimum shipping rate of $8.50 all other shipping is priced at our cost plus a $1 handling charge. (box cost is about $1.50)


  • A note about shipping:

"Standard" shipping should take between 2-7 business days.

Orders placed before 11:00 AM PST are usually shipped the same day. Please allow additional time for orders for custom boards or materials that need to be specially selected.

I have been tracking the cost of our shipping for many years. Last year we lost about $500.00 on shipping supplies, and if you were to add the cost of labor for packing it would be worse. It is hard to imagine how much time it takes to package and process an order. We don't make money on shipping, we do try to recover our costs.

........................INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING........................... 

Products made of "Abalone or Mother of Pearl Shell"

*IMPORTANT NOTE TO FOREIGN CUSTOMERS: If interested in any items containing Abalone shell or Mother of Pearl shell (MOP), please contact us before ordering. These are classified as “wildlife” materials and even if not endangered or otherwise listed still require holding a Fish & Wildlife Import/Export permit, and because of this must undergo “formal” customs clearance.  Any of our foreign orders containing wildlife will be shipped via FedEx and handled through their in-house Customs brokerage service, which will add at least $200.00 on top of the shipping costs (typically: a $46.00 FedEx “Special Handling Charge” and $6.00 “Advancement Fee”, a $97.00 USF&W “Processing/Inspection” fee, a minimum charge of $25.00 duty/“Commercial Transaction Fee” to U.S. Customs, and $25.00 to us for a lot of additional paperwork). This is as of late 2010.

U.P.S. policy forbids handling wildlife materials or products; and the U.S. Post Office is too undependable as far as being able to coordinate formal entries with USF&W, a situation which can result in confiscation and heavy fines for the involved parties (even though unintentional and all Customs forms are correctly supplied). Of course these costs will be prohibitive for smaller valued shipments, while larger orders might be able to absorb the fees (which are basically the same for any shipment regardless of size or value).


We want you to be happy with your order and generally speaking "if you are not happy with your order, we aren't happy" You may return most items within 15 days of purchase for credit or refund. Custom ordered items such as slotted fingerboards or custom radius boards may not be returned. Returns must be carefully packaged and arrive in the same condition they were sent. Materials that have been worked may not be returned. Return freight cost is the responsibility of  the customer.




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