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Allen MR-10 Tailpiece

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  • MADE IN USA!!!!   
  • One piece cast design (no more lost, stuck or rattling coverplates!!)
  • Improved Tone, Volume & Sustain!
  • MR2-10 For up to 10 strings, This model ball end strings only!!
  • Holes on the MR-10  model do not match standard pattern, if replacing a standard stamped type tailpiece you will need to relocate screw location on instrument! If tis applies to your situation you may want to look at the TR-10
  • End is radiused to fit instrument contour better.

Screw holes of the MR-10 don't line up with stamped model tailpieces and have to be re-located.0

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  Here is the newest addition to the Allen cast tailpiece line!! It is capable of routing 10 strings for 5 course instruments.

It was designed for use on Bouzoukis and Citterns but could be used on other instruments. It is designed for Ball End type strings only. We widened the leading edge slightly so we could fit 10 ball end strings. There are no loops on this so you can not use loop end strings.


Allen MR-10 Polished Bonze / Un-Plated Ball End Strings Only.  List $108.00

Polished /  Un-plated -Bronze

Item Name: MR-10 Polished Bonze / Un-Plated Ball End Strings Only
Item Number:
Price: $80.00
Allen MR-10 Aged Patina Item Name: MR-10 Allen Aged Patina
Item Number:
Price: $99.50

MR-10 Nickel (rhodium plate)

Item Name: MR-10 Nickel
Item Number: MR-10 Nickel
Price: $97.00

MR-10 Gold Plate

Item Name: MR-10 Gold
Item Number: MR-10 Gold
Price: $99.00

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